EMAC Sheth Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Competition
2017 EMAC/Sheth Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Competition

New submissions to the 2017 EMAC / Sheth Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Competition are no longer being accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact  Anne-Laure Marteaux


Welcome to the online submission page for the 2017 EMAC / Sheth Foundation Doctoral  Dissertation Competition.

Before submitting, please make sure that:

  • Your submission is in PDF format (a free PDF converter is offered on this site). 
  • Your submission includes (all materials must be in English):

    a) A single, coherent summary derived from your dissertation, following IJRM style (no more than 30 pages, including all figures, tables, and references).

    The summary should NOT be an overview of your entire dissertation but only on the main research project. In addition, please provide enough details so that external examiners can determine the technical merit and potential impact of your work.

    b) An abstract as a separate document (no more than 2 pages).

    c) An optional technical appendix, if desired, explaining your methodology (no more than 20 pages). 

    d) If relevant, a table of the papers of your dissertation with the names (and ordering) of the coauthors and, if already published, names of the journal(s) in which published (no more than 1 page). 

    The total length of your submission (not including the abstract & table of papers) should not exceed 50 pages. Shorter submissions are welcome.

    No author information should be mentioned on the summary or on the separated abstract, as they will be DOUBLE-BLIND reviewed. If these documents contain any information identifying you or your co-author(s), your submission will be removed from further consideration.
  • Your submission meets all the requirements of the submission rules (please click HERE to view the submission guidelines).
  • Read carefully the Privacy Policy and Terms of Participation.


1 . Author  personal data

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2. Your summary submission

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4. Privacy Policy and Terms of Participation


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  1. After submission of these data, you cannot make any more changes. Please check all data before you submit!
  2. After clicking on the 'Submit' button, the process could take some time depending on the size of the document and your Internet connection speed.
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